Appealing Win for Hyundai (7/23/14)

S. Korean brand tops another J.D. Power survey, Porsche keeps premium crown; more GM recalls; a way to halt hackers?

GM announces six recalls covering 718,000 vehicles

The recall covers more than a dozen vehicle models from the 2011-2015 model years from all four of GM’s brands, including some previously recalled vehicles.

Guest Post: Is This Christian College Being Bullied?

Standing up for religious freedom and God’s design for human sexuality these days comes at a price, as one Christian college president recently learned.

LindsayphotoMeet D. Michael Lindsay, President of Gordon College, a Christian liberal arts institution located in Wenham, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1889 as a missionary training school.

President Lindsay, a scholar in his own right as well as a Pulitzer-nominated author, stirred up an unexpected tempest for his school by signing on to a July 1 open letter to President Obama, along with other religious leaders from various churches, organizations and social relief agencies. The letter urged the President to include a hiring exemption for religious organizations in an anticipated Executive Order (EO) related to government contracting and homosexuality. Many religious institutions contract with the federal government to provide various goods and services such as disaster relief, and they were rightfully concerned that the EO might require them to compromise their religious beliefs as it relates to hiring homosexuals.

The EO, which President Obama issued earlier this week, does require government contractors to hire homosexuals. But as it turned out, the EO left in place a previous hiring exemption for religious organizations ordered by President George W. Bush. Many religious leaders, including Lindsay and the other signers of the letter, had feared the Bush exemption would be repealed, and indeed, had asked Obama to include a robust exemption in his order.

All’s well that ended well, right? Not for Lindsay and Gordon College.

Just signing the letter put Lindsay and Gordon College on the radar screen of those who deem obedience to Scripture’s teaching on marriage and sexuality an act of bigotry.

In nearby  Salem, Massachusetts, the mayor, after hearing of the letter and apparently researching the college’s website, cancelled a city contract with the college to manage the city’s theatre facility, noting that the college’s code of conduct for teachers and students forbids homosexual practice.

Then the Boston Globe interviewed the college’s accreditation agency, which announced it was going to review the college’s policies and “decide if the institution is meeting our standards.”

That’s ominous. A school’s accreditation is its lifeblood. Without it, the school can’t attract students, and if you can’t attract students, you’re out of business.

President Lindsay explained, in a letter posted on the college’s website, that his sole intention in signing the letter to President Obama was “to affirm the College’s support of the underlying issue of religious liberty, including the right of faith-based institutions to set and adhere to standards which derive from our shared framework of faith …”

There was a time in this country when such sentiments would prompt praise, not provoke criticism, when such sentiment were the foundations of colleges and universities, not their potential demise.

We applaud and support President Lindsay’s principled stand for religious freedom. His experience, however, should serve as a warning to Christians in our increasingly “post-Christian” America that standing up for the Gospel and for the religious freedom necessary for its propagation now comes with a cost.

If you want to know more about your religious freedom rights, please download our free resource, “Religious Freedom: Protecting How We Practice Our Faith.”

Bruce Hausknecht, J.D., is a judicial analyst for Focus on the Family

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Empowering People in the Workplace


Companies widely rely on the employees. When employees feel that they are empowered, they are able to generate best results for the company. In most organisations, managers are responsible for empowering the employees, and providing them the necessary tools to execute their responsibilities at work. If managers cannot empower their employees, it may result in unhappy, unsatisfied people and low level of performance.

Here is a helpful guide to empowering employees:

1. Assign duties according to the skills of employees. Try not to give tasks that aren’t within an employee’s skill level, otherwise, doubt will emerge within the employee and reduces his self-confidence level. Assign a specific task and be sure to make yourself available to attend to or answer any of his questions and concerns.

2. Listen well to your employees. Pay close attention to complaints or suggestions. It’s possible that employees understand their duties better than you do. Listen to their ideas and views on how to make their jobs a lot easier. Acknowledge the individuals who present ideas that deserve to be implemented. Acknowledging them both publicly and privately raises their self-confidence.

3. Communicate with them. Talk to your people regarding any changes your company or department may experience. Although you don’t want to disclose plans too soon, making sure they’re informed shows that you truly care about their well-being. Talk to them periodically to know their levels of satisfaction about the company.

4. Assign some decision-making responsibilities to the people who prove themselves to be efficient and capable of taking on greater tasks or projects. Managers should establish environments that support the process of decision making, which allows your employees to empower themselves.

5. Build a positive work environment. Establish rules that can be helpful in such endeavor. Don’t turn to dictatorship. Employees have the tendency to be more open to instructions and directions when they feel they are a valuable part of a team. When the contributions of employees are valued, they would be able to generate better outcomes.

6. Show that you appreciate them. Recognize them when they’ve accomplished a very challenging project or done the extra mile. For instance, if someone meets his sales quota, show appreciation by sending a note or email of congratulations or giving an incentive or a bonus.

7. Provide valuable resources. Equip your people with the right technological resources tools and training necessary for them to achieve best outcomes. If you don’t have these, seek help from professionals or mentors. Visit the online site of VERVEPOTENTIAL to know how professional management training courses can help you empower your employees and help them do their best.

DuPont and GM’s lessons for closing in on zero waste

How dedicated are you to going landfill-free? One company did it in less than three years with few people, no capital and an unglamorous laundry list.

DuPont and GM's lessons for closing in on zero waste

Chrysler recalling ‘undetermined number’ of Jeeps over ignition switch issue

The recall announcement involves 2006-2007 Jeep Commander and 2005-2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs. Engineers, according to Chrysler, are working to develop a remedy for the faulty switches that can move the ignition key out of the “run” position, leading to a loss of power that leads the airbags not to deploy in the event of a crash.

Taking Charge at Lincoln (7/22/14)

Automaker ‘serious’ about brand, Fields says; oversight moves from Farley to top engineer; Detroit 3 advice for small suppliers.

Answering Questions Single Adults Ask

We talk a lot in the church about God’s design for marriage. And rightly so.

But what often gets overlooked is His purpose and work in the life of singles.

Some Christians feel called to be single. Many others yearn for marriage, but for various reasons, struggle to find that kind of meaningful relationship. When months and years tick by, and that deep, heartfelt desire for connection remains unfulfilled, disappointment and frustration can set in. That can pose a serious challenge to a person’s faith, and sincere questions often emerge.

That’s why, today, we’re beginning the first of a two-part program, “Answering Questions Single Adults Ask,” with Lisa Anderson, the Director of Boundless, our outreach to young adults here at Focus. No matter your age, if you’re contemplating God’s plan for marriage in your life, I invite you to join us. I think you’ll be encouraged by our conversation addressing open and honest questions we’ve received from singles.

Like Sarah, who wonders how to cope with the sting of rejection.

Is she even worthy of marriage?

Or Polly who has been praying for a husband for as long as she can remember. After so many years, she’s losing faith that God cares about her, and it’s becoming harder for her to trust Him.

And then there’s Jacob who’s been divorced for ten years. Is God punishing him for his past choices by not bringing someone into his life?

For answers to these questions and more, tune in to your local radio station, online or via our free, downloadable mobile phone app.

2015 F-150: Ford’s aluminum pickup exceeds 700-pound weight reduction, increases performance

Ford Motor Co. took more weight out of the 2015 F-150 than the up to 700 pounds that was reported during the vehicle’s unveiling earlier this year.

The Dearborn-based automaker today announced the nearly all-aluminum bodied pickup can way over 700 pounds less than a comparable outgoing model, including the SXT crew cab at a weight savings of roughly 732 pounds.